Musikgarten Musikgarten

serving Lancaster County, PA
since 2005

The "Musikgarten" plants seeds for musical growth and a lifelong love of music.


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What makes Musikgarten so special?
Check out this video of Audrey sharing why she thinks Musikgarten is so great for parents and children.

I believe Musikgarten has helped our son socially.  It also helped us become better parents by being more supportive of his emotional and intellectual growth……….Thank you!
                                                                             -Tracy, mother of 3 year old


Janet - Thank you for the lovely class!  Julia has delighted in singing many of our songs throughout the day and has shared them with her friends and grandparents!  Thanks, too, for your lively and gentle spirit--you are a fine example of how to be with small children!  We so much enjoyed the class and hope to be able to work in Cycle of Seasons this fall...
                                                                        - Meredith, mother of 3 year old 


We listen to the recordings everyday and I hear the children singing the songs while they are playing.  What a great program!!!

                                                                        - Kathy, mother of two, ages 5 and 2

Watching the world of music come alive for our children has been incredible.  Janet’s Musikgarten classes have opened the world of music to us…the music we make, the music in nature, and the music of life…Having the musician in us awakened and nurtured has been priceless.

                                                           -Karri, mother of three, ages 6, 4, and 2

Thanks! We enjoyed it! Music will always be an important part of our lives!
- Jenny, mother of two

People who make music and respond to music daily are happier and more optimistic than people who don't. 

                                                                                                -Time Magazine 2005

The following was written by a fellow Musikgarten teacher in another city:        


Hi folks,

I just got off the phone with a long-time mom who was "holding off" on registering her daughter in music class because she is now attending preschool M-W-F.

Anyway, I mentioned to this mom, who by the way is a wonderful supporter of my program and has recruited many a family over the past two years, that music class, rather than being an "added stressor" in her daughters life, now can become a great way to release any stress she may be feeling.

After all, new this fall, she is now attending "school" and will be getting used to a new teacher, new environment, new children, new activities, with the expectation that she will do things in certain ways at certain times.

Our music classes, in contrast, offer our re-enrolling children the comfort and safety of the known and the freedom to participate in the way they want to participate, operating within boundaries that have already been set and that they are well used to, with a teacher they know and feel comfortable with, using materials they know and love, etc. etc. Add this to the fact that we offer all kinds of opportunities for developmentally appropriate movement in our classes which the children need so much at this age...and that they may not be getting in preschool...attending music class with her daughter in addition to preschool may just be the best thing she could do for her.

I offered a shortened version of this to this mom and she paused and said, "gee--I never really thought of it that way...that makes a lot of sense"

My inspiration for this comes from my MM training with Cathy Mathia this year, when she told us how the children in our MM after school classes are really getting what they need developmentally--and what most aren't getting in school--and that after school classes are actually a grounding activity rather than one that creates more stress in the child's life...and as I heard this I thought to myself, "gee--I never really thought of it that way...that makes a lot of sense" (Thanks, Cathy!)


Who would have ever thought that I could learn to play the piano at my age? I didn’t know there was such an enjoyable way to learn music. The atmosphere of the class is so encouraging and supportive; it is a pleasure from beginning to end!

                       ---Katherine age 65

Thanks Janet. My self evaluation tells me that i have come a very long way in 7 months. I can probably do a better job with more practice, but I do like your style and the Musik Garten approach to learning. Thanks for your help and encouragement.

                                                                 --- Jim

After hearing of my experience and progress my 84-year old father wants to join our class!

                                                            ---Bunny, age 57

 My mother has an amazing voice. You can imagine how thrilled I was when she said, "Wow, Leah, your singing has really improved!" I answered enthusiastically, beaming from ear to ear, "It’s all because of Musikgarten Adults." But that’s not all…I have such a wonderful and fun time with my classmates; we now consider ourselves to be a band, and I am proud to say that I have just completed my first composition, with melody, lyrics, and chords!  

                                                             ---Leah, age 26